Mindful walking

Mondays and Thursdays at 9.15 a.m.

Workshop led by Christophe Alamandovic.

A morning therapeutic walk and awakening to the full awareness of being, practising conscious verticality, abdominal breathing, bringing all 5 senses together and in contact with the body and physical sensations. Gentle bodily awakening, awakening of the senses, of self-awareness through walking, while present in the here and now.

It is a way of awakening self-awareness in an attitude of attention and concentration.

We also regulate emissivity (thoughts) and receptiveness (outside reality), which relieves anxiety and morning ruminations which are often predominant at this time of the day. Instigating a new way of being or finding oneself by mindful walking.

Thanks to movements specific to sophrology, morning stretching, breathing, rooting, we learn about ourselves, about mindful self-management, in a mindful moment which helps us let go. There are many benefits: attentive presence to the present moment, respiratory and bodily regeneration, calming of the mind, gradual improvement of the relationship with self and with others, and deep relaxation.

Mindful walking, a fulfilling activity, a step closer to self.

This type of walking is conducive to a healthy body and mind.