Cognitive remediation / re-education

Cognitive remediation is a type of re-education by which the patient repeats various exercises of increasing difficulty, in the aim of improving functions on a day-to-day basis. There are several remediation programmes, generally on a computer, on which the exercises are presented in a fun and appealing manner.

Happy Neuron programme

Developed scientifically, this programme offers exercises which stimulate various functions (attention, information processing rate, verbal memory, visual memory and reasoning). Patients are autonomous during the programme which takes place over several weeks (during hospitalisation and/or at home, via the Internet).

Cogmed programme

This scientifically-validated programme focuses on short-term attention and memory. The patient follows the programme at home (via the Internet) over several weeks, during which the psychologist can contact them by telephone on a weekly basis if necessary. The duration and frequency of the training sessions varies depending on ability and availability.