Marital and family counselling

Marital and family counselling looks at problems people experience in their relationships with those close to them. It is a recognised psychotherapeutic approach which aims to support the family system by improving family relations.

The systemic theory is that used by some family therapists. According to this theory, the family is considered as a system, the interaction and communication processes within which can become dysfunctional. Analysis and furthering understanding of these interactions can provide for a more satisfactory balance.

Families can come to a consultation where there is a family or marital crisis, or where one of the family members is experiencing difficulties which affect the system as a whole.

Usually, the consultations take place in the presence of two therapists. This is known as co-therapy, and it is useful for gaining more insight in order to analyse the family situation.

The sessions last around 45 minutes, after which the therapists discuss the problems presented during the session, before coming back to close the session with the family.

Sessions usually take place on a monthly basis or even more frequently if it is necessary.

The therapists working at the clinic have been trained at the APRTF (Association Parisienne pour la Recherche en Thérapie Familiale-Parisian association for research into family therapy).