Information meeting on tobacco dependency

This meeting takes place every other Monday, from 4.30 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Meeting led by Michel Naudet.

For all smokers, including those who do not intend to stop for the time being, it aims to provide clear information on smoking and to refute a number of preconceived ideas. It discusses nicotine addiction and conventional methods for withdrawal or using electronic cigarettes.

It is necessary to understand that cigarette smoke contains over 4000 products, most generated by a chemical reaction during combustion (850°). The composition of cigarette smoke is therefore very different from that of tobacco. The products are classified by category: tar, carbon monoxide and nicotine. Nicotine is the main cause of addiction. When absorbed in the form of a patch, chewing gum or via the electronic cigarette, it is not hazardous to health.

Physical tobacco addiction stronger heroin addiction. Out of 10 young occasional smokers, who smoke in order to imitate their peers or test it, 6 will become regular smokers in less than a year.

Psychological dependence is also strong, even though the effects of tobacco on mood are of significance: people smoke to communicate, concentrate, have a break or calm down. This type of dependence is the most difficult to fight as it is mainly based on false beliefs.

It is often when the reasons behind the motivation to stop have been well thought out (comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of continuing to smoke) that smokers take the decision to reduce or cease their consumption. Regular motivational interviews with a tabacologist often accelerate the process.

Unlike a lot of addictions, it is possible to stop smoking all at once or to reduce consumption gradually. Smokers can use nicotine substitutes to help them and which significantly aid withdrawal (patch, gum, sweets, electronic cigarette).

With the availability of electronic cigarettes, strategies for stopping smoking or reducing consumption may be more straightforward and effective as they reduce frustration and do not deprive the vaper of their old smoker’s habits. Studies will need to be completed before it is possible to officially prove that the electronic cigarette is less dangerous than tobacco.

We will try to answer all of your questions during the meeting. Carbon monoxide levels, measured at the end of the session, will be used to objectively assess a smoker’s actual dependence.