Two beliefs dominate the organisation of care and life at the Clinique du Château:

  • Dedication to patients
  • Staff dialogue

We all believe that patients should be treated with dignity and that they should take an active role in their care. We all like to be available for patients and their families.

On-going dialogue between carers and patients provides responses to their questions, information about their disorders and education about their disease.

Informal on-going dialogue among staff and during daily doctors and nurses meetings enables unresolved problems to be discussed and therapeutic programmes for patients to be devised.

Continuous communication provides for additional security and efficacy in patient management. It encourages cohesion among carers and represents a form of continuous education for all of us.

Come and join us on this great adventure and help us do our utmost to provide relief for patients as part of a patient-centred treatment approach, and to help them with to a new start in life.