Living environment

Discover the exceptional Nightingale Hospitals Paris – Clinique du Château site with its tree-filled park, an ideal environment for you to relax in peace.

An open establishment

Nightingale Hospitals Paris – Clinique du Château likes wants to be available for patients and their families. You can ask for information on admissions from the doctors and care manager.

You can also visit the clinic on appointment (+33 (0)1 47 95 63 00) with:

  • Marie-Laure Robin, Director
  • or Didier Hoffmann, care manager

NIghtingale Hospital Paris - Jardins de la clinique NIghtingale Hospital Paris - Entrée années 30 NIghtingale Hospital Paris - Jardins et dépendances NIghtingale Hospital Paris - Hall d'accueil NIghtingale Hospital Paris - Salon NIghtingale Hospital Paris - Salle de restaurant NIghtingale Hospital Paris - Salle de billard Nightingale Hospital Paris - Chambre Nightingale Hospital Paris - Les bois