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Each patient has a consultant psychiatrist to which they are allocated on admission, while taking the principle of patient free choice into account, depending on the availability of each physician. The patient can come back on any aspect of their treatment programme at any time during the stay, either to request an explanation or to ask for changes to be made.

The consultant psychiatrist follows the patient throughout their stay.

Daily patient-doctor meetings.

This meeting is the ideal occasion to more effectively understanding the cause and type of disorders, and for evaluating the effects of the treatment.

One psychiatrist for seven patients (instead of 30 as general rule). Medical time is of high priority in our treatment programmes.

The doctor has the necessary amount of time to ensure the treatment offered is of high quality. The content of the daily meeting depends on the disease in question, the stage of progression of the disease and the patient’s specific characteristics.

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The patient’s involvement in their treatment programme enables a genuine doctor-patient relationship, in which the patient plays an active part in their treatment.

The diagnostic approach is based on the opinions of the psychiatrists and other contributors in order to make as accurate a diagnosis as possible, taking clinical, psychopathological, psychometric, biological and psychiatric and somatic comorbidities into account.

The personalised treatment programme is reassessed during daily staff meetings (all doctors and psychiatrists, the care director and care manager, nurses, psychologists, art-therapists, psychomotor therapists attend from Monday to Friday.)