Healthcare pathway

The medical programme is defined by the comprehensive management of mental disorders, as part of a personalised approach, focussing on screening and prevention of psychiatric and somatic complications.

Specific programmes have been developed in the management of bipolar disorders and depression, alcohol addiction and addiction to other substances, eating disorders, sleep disorders, neurological and cognitive disorders.

On the basis of these findings, five healthcare pathways have been developed in conjunction with the staff, the objectives of which are:

  • ­To stabilise the patient’s state of health
  • ­To optimise the patient’s stay
  • ­To provide the patient with better knowledge of their disease and ways of preventing relapse
  • To provide the family with information to help them support the patient
  • ­To prevent the risks of somatic complications relating to the diseases and their treatment (prevention of cardiovascular risks or other risks)
  • ­To provide the patient with aids other than medication


Download the healthcare pathway flow chart (french)