The Sinoué Group

A group dedicated to mental health


The Sinoué Group specialises in the field of mental health and geriatric psychiatry.

Today it owns eight psychiatric care centres in France and one in London, in the United Kingdom.

The ambition of the Sinoué Group is to answer to current health care system concerns and to the challenges of the modernisation of psychiatry through:

  • treatment of high medical quality, permanently adapting to the advances of science and to the changes in patient needs and expectations;
  • efficient care organisation structured around the sharing of medical and administrative cultures and proper use of resources;
  • innovative responses to psychiatric problems at the three stages of life, which are becoming major challenges for our establishment.

The Sinoué Group has developed its expertise in the management of health care structures. The Group’s aim is to implement a pragmatic approach, by mobilising the best health care and management organisation solutions for the greatest benefit of the patient, by providing adapted and innovative responses.

A group of doctors

Docteur Cléry-Melin

The Sinoué Group was founded in 1998 by a team of psychiatrists, on the initiative of Doctor Philippe Cléry-Melin, its Managing Director.

In addition to his medical position, Doctor Cléry-Mélin is involved in the development of the French national mental health policy.

He is currently a member of various national bodies and working groups (OPEPS, ministerial working groups on care without consent, the mental health plan and prevention of physical disability).

He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the FondaMental Foundation, which aims to promote research into mental health and setting up of expert centres for diagnosis of the main mental illnesses.

Patients are treated in line with six morals, that are key factors to the success of the Sinoué Group:

Les 7 valeurs du Groupe Sinoué