Quality Policy

Démarche qualitéFor many years now, the professionals at Nightingale Hospitals Paris – Clinique du Château, have been implementing a continuous treatment quality and safety policy at the hospital.

Requirements, recommendations and legislation change regularly within the health sector and it is essential to integrate them in the daily running of the Clinic in order to be able to offer patients high quality and safe treatment during their hospitalisation.

Our continuous improvement approach is organised according to two areas:

  • It is a company-wide approach which applies to all of the hospital’s members,
  • It is an evaluation culture integrating evaluation of professional practices and indicator monitoring.

As part of the quality policy, the clinic began using certification procedures very early on.

The clinic was certified (A)  by the French Authority for Health-Haute Autorité de Santé in 2014. The last certification report can be found on the Haute Autorité de Santé’s website.

See our 2015 quality indicators in detail Click here (French).