Our belief

Relation médecin patientThere is no effective care or good results without the patient’s active participation. This approach is innovative and essential.

Patient’s participation in the treatment of their disease

Enabling the patient to participate in putting together the diagnosis and in evaluating the results, in no way exempts the doctor from their responsibility, it is quite the opposite. It is a way of setting up a contract which binds the patient and brings them:

  • to receive permanent support;
  • to receive clear information (diagnosis, treatment benefit/risk ratio, results);
  • to renew their free and informed consent, without which nothing is possible.

The patient-centred programme

The patient participates in full knowledge of the programme in place to help them and treat them. Patients are placed in the best living environment, determined in partnership with the doctor.

Once through the door, there is no breach of promise. Friends and family can visit and patients can remain in contact with the outside world.

The healthy environment and house keeping contribute to the feeling of comfort and safety in which the patient is free to move around without undue restrictions.

Patients are independent

The patient can choose which doctor looks after them. Their relationship is a privileged and responsible one, essential to the success of the stay. They are provided with all the necessary information for understanding their state of health.

The patient progresses in a climate of trust, essential to proper conduct of treatment to which they freely consent.

Patients as players: on a daily basis they participate

  • in the pre-diagnosis phase
  • in the the decision making concerning the treatment
  • in the conduct of the treatment
  • in the preparation for discharge
  • in information meetings and working groups

Patients learn about their disease and ways of preventing relapse (Therapeutic Education).

Patient involvement in assessment of the results