Associations and partners

The Sinoué Grouplogo-groupe-sinoue

Through the Sinoué Group, Nightingale Hospitals Paris – Clinique du Château play an active part in the development of Expert University Centres, to enable its patients to benefit from the most recent advances in psychiatry research, and to develop the skills of its teams.

Clubhouse FranceClubhouse France


It also supports the association Clubhouse France which works in aid of social and occupational integration of the mentally disabled, and which set up the first home and day centre in France.

The Morpheus Networkréseau morphée


The Réseau Morphée is a health care network that was developed and is in operation in the Ile-de-France region.

It is a non-profit association, financed by the Ile-de-France Regional Health Agency. It brings together health care professionals treating sleep disorders, and has an operational team, the members of which are mainly coordinating physicians. The quality of patient care is at the heart of the network’s concerns.

Its objective is to ensure that each patient receives an appropriate response, in as short a time as possible, while enabling them to take an active part in their treatment.

Very different diseases often lie behind intrusive sleep or stubborn insomnia, ranging from organic causes such as sleep apnoea to psychological disorders such as depression. It is therefore often necessary to enlist the help of doctors specialising in different areas, and of other health care professionals to help private patients. This multidisciplinary approach requires good coordination of care among the various care givers.

The network makes coordination easier and provides for better patient care.

The mission of the network is to:

  • Informs the general public and patients on sleep disorders;
  • Aid and orientate patients coming to it for help;
  • Offer therapeutic education groups, such as workshops on insomnia;
  • Train doctors and facilitates communication between them;
  • Manage secure shared medical records;
  • Work as a team on innovative patient health care pathways.

TCA network – Ile-de-Franceréseau TCA francilien clinique psychiatrique partenaire clinique chateau garches


The mission of the Réseau TCA Francilien is to create a network in the Ile-de-France region to coordinate health care establishments, patient treatment and assistance for families, children, adolescents and young adults with eating disorders (ED). The creation of such a network is justified by the need to facilitate access to care and patient management, and the coordination of establishments concerning individual situations.

Respadd 92respadd 92 clinique chateau garches nightingale paris psychiatrique partenaire

The RESPADD is a non-profit association which brings together more than 600 health care establishments (hospitals, clinics, EHPADs, medical and welfare centres, etc.) working in the prevention and management of addictive practices.

Users associations at the Clinique du Château

ARGOS 2001argos 2001 association partenaire clinique du chateau garches nightingale paris hospitals psychiatrique psychique

ARGOS 2001 is an association for the mentally ill and their families. It defends a cause, as yet little known by the public and the medical corps, as well as health and welfare authorities: Bipolar disorders.


The Unafam is an approved public utility association, which welcomes, listens to, supports, educates and supports the families and friends of the mentally ill since 1963. It has more than 14,000 members.

Since it was set up, the Unafam focuses on helping the families of those living with severe mental illness, mainly those with schizophrenia, bipolar disorders, severe depression, severe psychoses and obsessive-compulsive disorder. More recently, the Unafam has started to see the parents of children and adolescents with mental psychological disorders, mental disorders or behavioural disorders.