Memory impairment

Cognitive functions describe the brain’s ability to remember, concentrate, organise itself, reason or even communicate. They enable people to remain autonomous, free and actor of their future, by interacting with their environment in an optimal manner.

These highly complex and sophisticated functions can also be affected by a number of extrinsic factors, often in relation to an uncomfortable pace of life (stress, overwork and poor quality of sleep). Also, depression, any other psychological suffering or general illness impairing a subject’s harmonious function, may cause such difficulties.

These intellectual functions may also be affected by brain ageing, which should be diagnosed at an early stage in order to work towards stabilisation. In order to preserve intellectual performances, we offer screening of cognitive difficulties in the form of a specific questionnaire, given to hospitalised patients by the care team. If significant impairment is detected, we offer a treatment programme starting with accurate diagnosis of the disorders through to their personalised treatment. At Nightingale Hospitals Paris – Clinique du Château there is:

A screening unit with:

  • A memory consultation, conducted by a neurologist specialising in cognitive disorders, Dr Carole Azuar, for patients already at the clinic and for outpatients coming for a cognitive neurology consultation;
  • A full neuropsychological assessment by a neuropsychologist;
  • Brain imaging can also be carried out;
  • A summary of the difficulties in order to adapt and start treatment, compiled by a psychiatrist specialising in cognitive remediation, Dr Diane Samama.

Specialist and interactive conferences and workshops for providing scientific and medical information on memory, concentration, decision-making and remediation functions:

Specific, personalised treatment including:

  • Treatment adjustment where necessary
  • Remediation/re-education for disorders, using specific approved computer software, on user-friendly tablets, with personalised assistance during your stay and after your discharge at home, if you so wish.