Conference open to all : 30 November 2016

The Clinique du Château were honoured to invite you on:

Wednesday 30 November 2016, 7-9 p.m.

To a round table, led by Christophe Hondelatte

On the topic:

Bipolar disorders: the challenges of recovery

The speakers were:

  • Agathe Lenoel, author of ‘Who am I, when I’m not me? ‘
  • Dr Marc Masson, Psychiatrist, author of Que sais-je: ‘Bipolar disorders’
  • Céline Aimetti, ‎delegate and co-founder of the association Clubhouse France
  • Alice Vignaud, ‎practitioner PTE – Peer helper. Mental health advice and support
  • Dr Michael Barde, Psychiatrist, director of the Bipolar Disorder Psychological Education Group

At the end of the conference, an autograph session took place with Agathe Lenoel and Dr Marc Masson.